8mm Tungsten Wedding Band Ring Men 14K Gold Plated


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8mm Tungsten Wedding Band Ring Men Women 14K Gold Plated Brushed Surface, Comfort Fit.

Gorgeous style, modern, sleek, tough and luxurious is just a few stunning characters this Tungsten band holds. Makes an wedding band.



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8mm Tungsten Wedding Band Ring Men 14K Gold Plated Brushed Surface

Tungsten is known to be one of the toughest metal and scratch resistant. With it’s modern design brushed exterior, 14K gold plated with gold line off the center giving it it’s uniqueness in character. It’s stye is suitable for both men and women. Comfort fit, strong, luxurious  and unique is what you need in a ring as modern as this one.  Shop with confidence, knowing you are getting quality and luxury in a ring that will last a long time.

Caring for your Tungsten Carbide Ring

Create a solution of water and dish soap. You don’t need to buy an expensive jewelry cleaner to shine and polish your tungsten jewelry. Wipe the surface of your jewelry with a damp cloth. Find a clean, soft cloth. Rinse and dry your jewelry. That’s all you need to do.

Tungsten is low maintenance and will last a very long time.

Color: Luxury Black Gold Plated with off centered line

Brushed Surface

Comfort Fit


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